How To Be Positive And Confident…

How To Be Positive And Confident…

Being positive is one the easiest ways to have success in your business and life.

In fact, it’s the ONE ingredient that I truly believe that has served me very well over these last 9 years of building businesses online.

You see, if it wasn’t for positivity…

I would have finally decided to quit one of those 20 times that I was thinking about throwing in the towel completely on this whole “online marketing” thing.

But because I was positive AND because my WHY was big enough…

I stayed the course, and here we are today…

Hundreds of product sales later and hundreds of thousands earned using just a laptop and an internet connection.

Dare I say – it’s pretty friggin’ cool don’t you think?



So how did I do it?

How did I manage to stay so damn positive throughout the first 8 years where I failed hundreds of times?

A few things happened really that caused the perfect conditions for me to turn out this way… but then again…

I don’t believe in luck.

Because well – there’s no such thing.

We create our OWN luck, don’t we?

(Let me answer that for you)…


So here’s what happened:

1. My dad went out of business which meant I nearly didn’t finish university.

That scared the shit out of me.

And after nearly being kicked out of college multiple times because we were so late on payments…

It completely changed the way I looked at money, hard work and success.

From that day onwards… I stopped taking things for granted.

I promised myself that money would NEVER be an issue ever again.

And I worked my ass off (even till today) to make sure I always deliver on that promise.

2. I started focusing on what I fed my mind

Self development is key.

If you’re eating junk food all day… well…

You’re gonna get fat right?

But if you’re feeding yourself with good, nutritious food…

Then you’re going to look and feel great – right?

The same thing goes for your mind.

I went from ‘the glass is half empty’ to ‘the glass is half full’ kind of guy.

Yeah I know it sounds hokey… but man it works!

And it helps in business too!

3. Gratitude

You think you might be in a pretty crap situation right now…

But believe me… there’s A LOT to be grateful for in your life.

Even right now.

Just the mere fact that you are reading this blog post on your laptop or computer or mobile phone…

And you have an internet connection or 4G wifi tells me something about you…

It tells me that you live in a part of the world where you can actually DO SOMETHING about your crappy situation.

Imagine not being able to eat 3 meals a day…

Or have a roof over your head when you sleep at night.

THAT’S tough!

So be grateful for the things you already have.

Your family, your friends, your health…

The fact that you can access Youtube and learn strategies to change your life!

I mean that’s incredible!


That’s how I stay so super positive all the time.

It’s just part of my DNA now.

It’s how I think.

And it’s how you can think too!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Please watch the video…

It’ll really put things into perspective for you.

PS. If you’re ready to take the next step and want to take your life to the next level, then you may be ready for the program that I put all my students through.

This program will turn you firstly into the most positive version of yourself.

Secondly… into a powerful promoter who can command a large income online.

If you’re ready… check it out here. 😉

4 thoughts on “How To Be Positive And Confident…

  1. Didin jirat says:

    Great video and sharing Aaron . Gratitude is the key for any success .

  2. Charles L Coleman says:

    Hey you put it in one big nut shell just keep try and stay positive in your daily thinking that’s It.

  3. Aaron Chen says:

    Positivity always wins Charles!

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