Are You Making EXCUSES?

Are You Making EXCUSES?

This will be the most important video you watch this entire year!

I recently got some “interesting” comments on some of my videos and it inspired me to make this video for you.

You see…

There is a universal rule of money that says…

You can either have money OR excuses.

But you can’t have both.

You have the power to choose… but remember, you can’t have BOTH of them at the same time.

What I’ve learned over the last 9 years of building my business online is that…

EVERYONE has some sort of circumstance (read: EXCUSE) no matter who they are or where they live.

You have no time.

No money.

No energy.

No resources…

To build your business and change your life.

If that’s really true… then your WHY and your DREAM just isn’t big enough.

Because the reality is…

Who the heck has the time, money, or energy to put in more hours after they get back from the office – on their business?!

The answer is – NO ONE DOES.

So what’s the difference between the ones that make it and the ones who don’t?


They make it happen no matter what!

And they leave ALL their excuses at the door.

Watch the video.

It’ll help put things into perspective for you.


I believe in you.

Aaron 😉



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2 thoughts on “Are You Making EXCUSES?

  1. Robert Hamilton says:

    Hi Aaron! My name is Robert Hamilton. I Like your vedio it is vary true. I will save up some money so I can start my afiliate Marketing business. I have all the time in the world to do my business, because I not working right now. Anyway more luck with your business Aaron!

  2. Aaron Chen says:

    Hey Robert, thanks for your comment man! If you have time, then you should definitely be taking massive action on your business. Not sure if you’re already getting my training, but if you’re not, you can get it here:

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