The 6 Figure List Communication Strategy ;)

The 6 Figure List Communication Strategy ;)

Hey it’s Aaron…

Today I will reveal to you the list communication strategy that took me almost 9 years to figure out and master.

The way you talk to your potential customers is extremely important. Most marketers just slam their email lists over and over again with sales messages.

The result = angry people who will NEVER buy from you 🙁

What you should do instead is be super cool and give more than you take. Add value to people’s lives.

Share. Train. Teach

(STT for short).

This is the formula that will create a flood of sales for any product that you put in front of your list.

This video will give you the detailed version of how this works…


Hope you enjoyed that.

Be sure to take action inside your business everyday!

Speak soon,

Aaron 😉


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Would love to hear your thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “The 6 Figure List Communication Strategy ;)

  1. Harvey A Ezekias says:

    Great great training there!

  2. Azariah says:

    Good insight and understanding of how to pull the prospects closer to making buying decisions

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