How To Influence People To Do The Things You Want (Like Buy More Stuff!)

How To Influence People To Do The Things You Want (Like Buy More Stuff!)

There are a few things that you can do to influence your market into doing the things you want them to do…

In this video I talk a lot more about this strategy but essentially it’s all about doing a few things the right way.

1st of all:
You must be doing videos…

Videos are the easiest way for people to get to know, like and trust you. You can’t fake videos and your people really get to see the real you and connect with you.

If you haven’t done videos yet, I recommend that you build up the courage and just START!

The first one will be tough, the rest will be easy!

Just do it!

2nd of all:
You must create LOTS of content…

When I say LOTS I mean a new content piece everyday…

Rather than 1 video a week.

Think about how few people would even run into your videos or emails or articles if you were only putting out one a week!

The Internet is a gigantic vacuum of space, and the only way to get people to find your stuff, is if you put A LOT of it in strategic places where they can find it!

Make sense?

3rd of all:
You ATTITUDE is infectious…

So this is really what I wanted to speak about today.

Based on how much energy, positivity and encouragement you put into your content, will determine how easily people will want to follow you.

The more you do this, the more that people will see you as a leader in their eyes and will want to do what you do…

Buy the products you recommend and use the strategies that you’re using…

I hope that makes sense.

Positivity is infectious.

So make sure you put 110% into all your videos and content and up your energy levels so that people can feel your excitement through the screen.

If that means that you need to “switch it on” just for your videos, so be it.

It’s worked for me.

I’m positive it will work for you too! 😉

PS. Ready to take your learning to next level and work with me? Take THE CHALLENGE today…

2 thoughts on “How To Influence People To Do The Things You Want (Like Buy More Stuff!)

  1. Kisione T Uhila says:

    Mr. Chen your inspiring I’m getting started to be a affiliate promoting I’m doing my best and using your ideas to maximize my ways to earnings.

  2. Melanie Martines says:

    Aaron, you are truly inspiring! I’m so glad I found you online. I appreciate your content! Your 4-day program was awesome. Thank you, and l am looking forward to following in your footsteps and creating success for myself as an online marketer. My goal for 2019 is the free myself from the corporate world once and for all, and to stop this analysis paralysis from inhibiting me from going after my dreams. Thank you for spreading your positiveness!

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