Forget Cold Calling…Here’s How I Generate 70+ Leads A Day For My Business!

I was away for the weekend and was able to shoot this video while I was vacationing on the beautiful beaches of East Malaysia.


Now, below is a screen shot of my Aweber account which is how I keep track of the people that have become a lead in my business.

A “lead” is when someone comes to your website, reads the information on it and is interested, so they leave their name, email and phone number so they can start receiving more information from you.

…And you can see that under “Today” I generated 74 leads

And 60 leads the day before…

All this without even leaving my BEDROOM…


Remember…This business is ALL ABOUT traffic!

It’s a numbers game!

The more people that come through your system and see your business, the more business you will close! If you want to command a six figure income, then you need to have thousands of people looking at your business. Period.

Leads is what fuels your business. Without leads, you won’t have a business.

Therefore, when you learn to generate your own leads online and don’t depend on running around to 10 different hotel meetings, trying to make …