The Top 10 Curses Faced By Most Network Marketers And How To Cure Them!

spells2The Network Marketing industry has the power to build more millionaires than any other industry in the world. Yet hundreds and thousands of network marketers constantly get cursed by failure while they are trying to reach their dream of reaching financial freedom.

So let’s dissect these curses and see what you can do to cure them.

Curse #1: Prospecting VS. Marketing

Most network marketers are told by their upline to “prospect” and pitch other people their opportunity. This means that you are constantly chasing other people. By “marketing” your business the right way using articles, videos, blogs etc. you can position yourself as a leader and attract prospects towards you and your business.

Curse #2: Pitching Uninterested People

By pitching every Tom, Dick and Harry your opportunity, you are pitching to a group of unqualified, uninterested people. By using tools available online and by using smart marketing tactics offline, you can target a specific market of interested, qualified people who are NOT your friends and family.

Curse #3: Running Out Of Prospects

Everyone only knows so many people and when that list is exhausted you have to resolve to buying leads and pitching random people on the street. This …


Outsourcing Your MLM Business

This is a great topic that not that many people speak about which is why I wanted to mention it.
Now what do I mean by outsourcing? Well what I mean by that is actually hiring other people to do your dirty work for you! And when I say dirty work, I’m talking about things that don’t really earn you that much money, but you spend a ton of time on!

You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about things like adding 50 friends on Twitter everyday, or adding 30 friends on Facebook everyday. Writing articles and posting them on websites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Ezinearticles just to name a few. All this stuff takes up a lot of time. You could spend hours just coming up with good content to put up on your article sites and these really don’t generate too much traffic for you at the start. But of course is very important to keep doing because it generates leads over time.

Now, when I was first introduced to this concept of outsourcing, I didn’t really think too much of it because I wanted to do everything myself. It was my home business. I …