How To Profit Even If No One Joins Your MLM Business!

The Funded Proposal

Haven’t heard of this? Well this is the smartest and easiest way to stay in profit no matter how long you’ve been in the MLM industry.

It is the secret weapon that every single top producer in this industry uses to make sure that their business is running as effectively as possible.

This is something that your upline will not teach you especially if you come from a traditional MLM company and structure.

Funded Proposal Explained

A funded proposal is basically a program that pays for itself.

This is achieved by selling valuable and cheaper information products to prospects in the front end, which will build a relationship and trust with them, and then promoting your real “high-ticket” business opportunity in the back end, once that trust and relationship has been built.

The types of products which are normally offered are things of value that all network marketers can use and need to run a business online. These items include network marketing tools, ebooks and study courses just to name a few.

The purpose of offering inexpensive products upfront is to make sure that you can generate a lot of small profits through affiliate commissions quickly in …


2×3 Network Marketing & Why It Doesn’t Matter!

In the MLM industry there are hundreds and thousands of different MLM companies. And between all these companies there are so many different types of compensation plans. And the one type of plan that seems to be popping up a lot is the 2×3 Network Marketing Matrix Plan.

Now first of all, it’s interesting to know that this 2×3 matrix plan is not adopted by that many Network Marketing companies. In fact, less than 10% of all Network Marketing companies use matrix compensation plans at all. And the reason for this, is they just haven’t been around for that long and they haven’t really been proven to be that successful.

So why are people so interested?

Well there is one huge factor. These types of plans allow something that is called “spillover”. This is basically when someone who is not recruited by you is put in below you as your downline. Now of course this is exciting, especially to new distributors, but the problem is, it rarely ever happens. You have to be in the right place at the right time and you have to be under someone who is a real gung-ho business builder.

Because of this, these compensation …


Prelaunch MLM: How To Get Around This Huge Problem

New companies. New opportunities. The chance to make even more money by getting in from the ground. How can you not be excited about that?! This is a trend that began and stayed when the Internet started to ramp up. And now what’s left is a lot of angry and broke network marketers, and a few people who are enjoying the benefits.

If you have just entered the Network Marketing industry or have already been in it for a while, you will see that the dream of growing residual income is all but gone. The harsh reality is that in today’s market place, the Internet has destroyed a lot of people’s businesses. Now, I’m not saying that the Internet is a bad thing. I’m just saying that it has made the game completely different and has changed the way we should be looking at our businesses online.

Hundreds if not thousands of companies are started each year on the Internet. And with this, hundreds of prelaunches every year. This causes a lot of network marketers to jump ship with the promise of getting in at the ground level. Everyone wants a good opportunity. Can you blame them?

Leaders are lost …