How To Market Effectively On Facebook

Its no point having 5 billion friends on Facebook if you’re not marketing properly. Here’s what you need to ensure you are generating leads into your business!

1. Find Groups

The first thing you should do is find different groups that are associated with your MLM business. So for example, “Young Entrepreneurs” or “Network Marketing”. There should already be some very established groups with a few thousand people in them. Join as many as you can, I would recommend about 15 to 20 groups.

2. Add Friends

Now your job every single day, is to add 30 friends from one of the groups. You should alternate between the different groups to get a mix of different people. DO NOT add more than 30 people a day otherwise Facebook will think you are a bot and may suspend your account. Make sure you add a comment when you’re requesting to be someone’s friend. People hate it when people want to be their friends, but they don’t say anything. Something simple like “Hey this is Bob, I’m looking to network with other like-minded people. Let’s share and connect!”. Believe me, that little message will go a long way.

3. Create Your Own …