90% Of Network Marketers Will Fail Without This Vital Ingredient!!

magnifying-glassThroughout my journey in the Network Marketing industry, I have met and spoken to many people from all walks of life. From successful corporate professionals, to the working mom, and all the way to the person struggling to make ends meet at home.

And it’s interesting because no matter how different these people are, there is one similar problem that they all share, and that is FOCUS. And this may sound silly, obvious and even cliché, but focus is the one thing that can make the difference between success and failure in the Network Marketing industry.

There are 3 types of focus that plagues people in this business.

1. Lack Of Time & Commitment To The Business

This one is obvious and is the most common. Most people that join the MLM industry are normally working a fulltime job and are either looking for some extra money on the side, or are looking to start off that way and eventually move into the business full time. The problem though is that most people are busy and are not willing to put much effort into their MLM business. Now, it is possible to make money from this business part time, …


Are You A Network Marketing Dinosaur? Cause You’re Going To Go Extinct!!

Do you have a computer in your home? Do you have a cell phone to keep in touch with your friends and family? Do you check your emails on a daily basis and use chat programs to talk to  people half way across the world.

Well if the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then why are you still marketing your Network Marketing business the old school way?!

Making a list of all your closest friends and family and having long product meetings with business associates may have worked in the past. But this is the 21st century people. Just think about this; the 3 main reasons you have a cell phone, PDA or laptop is they are convenient, efficient and are the most current forms of communication. “Current” being the operative word.

Why don’t you send out 5 to 10 snail mails a day to your friends, carry around a suitcase cell phone or use an IBM MS Dos Computer? Well, because they are outdated and there are much better ways to communicate with people in this day and age.

Now even though there are great forms of current marketing techniques, there are still hordes of Network Marketers out there …



If you guys haven’t heard already, MLMLeadsystemPRO is giving away a brand spanking new, 300 horse power, BMW 3 Series Coupe! This thing is about to take off!!

The giving away of this BMW is based around a competition that they are starting next week, to see how many new members their current members can sign up over the next 3 months. Mind you, these guys have only been around for 1 year, and they are already giving away a car! Who does that?!!

This is how well this system is doing and how much these guys care about helping out struggling network marketers. So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence for the longest time, wondering why you need a system to run your MLM business, then this is the best excuse that you could have to finally get a system.

More on the competition here.

Also, by now you should know that you need a proper system to be branding you, to stream line your business processes, to train you on how to market effectively and to create multiple streams of cashflow. So, if you’re sitting there wondering why you haven’t experienced any success in your business, …


How To Profit Even If No One Joins Your MLM Business!

The Funded Proposal

Haven’t heard of this? Well this is the smartest and easiest way to stay in profit no matter how long you’ve been in the MLM industry.

It is the secret weapon that every single top producer in this industry uses to make sure that their business is running as effectively as possible.

This is something that your upline will not teach you especially if you come from a traditional MLM company and structure.

Funded Proposal Explained

A funded proposal is basically a program that pays for itself.

This is achieved by selling valuable and cheaper information products to prospects in the front end, which will build a relationship and trust with them, and then promoting your real “high-ticket” business opportunity in the back end, once that trust and relationship has been built.

The types of products which are normally offered are things of value that all network marketers can use and need to run a business online. These items include network marketing tools, ebooks and study courses just to name a few.

The purpose of offering inexpensive products upfront is to make sure that you can generate a lot of small profits through affiliate commissions quickly in …