Zrii Review – Financial Freedom With Amalaki

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Zrii is not the newest MLM company around. They have actually been opened for about 3 years now, but are only just starting to get noticed as a serious contender in the network marketing arena.

So this review is going to talk about whether Zrii is in fact a good business opportunity for 2010, or whether it’s just a waste of your time just like a lot of other small MLM companies around. Also, the point of this review is to give you unbiased information on whether or not Zrii is a good opportunity to consider as well as to discuss what it takes to be successful in the MLM industry.

Zrii was founded by Bill Farley and the company is associated with Deepak Chopra who is a very popular spiritual and self growth author and speaker. In fact the Zrii product has been endorsed by the Chopra center for wellbeing.

The Zrii product is derived from the amalaki fruit which is based on Indian holistic teachings first found in the Ayurveda. It is said to be a quality product and keeps the human body healthy and strong. Zrii also has a modern day compensation plan that rewards its distributors for selling the amalaki product and recruiting more people into the business.

The compensation is based off volume each month that is calculated by the amount of people a distributor recruits and the amount of monthly product sales that are made. At the end of each month, the volume is converted into points and dollar values are paid out to each distributor.

This is a very typical structure of an MLM company and can become very powerful when someone has built a very large and successful team. In fact, the network marketing industry has the potential to build more millionaires than any other industry in the world.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds. And this is because of all the poor and irrelevant training that is being given by Zrii and most MLM companies around. For some strange reason, most MLM companies like Zrii are still giving the same training that MLM’s gave 40 years ago. They still teach prospecting strategies that are very difficult to gain traction and very few people have success with.

Some of these traditional methods include speak to friends and family, having home parties, going to hotel meetings and prospecting in shopping malls. If those don’t sound fun to you, wait till you try them! This is actually the main reason people fail in this business. It is because they are using out dated methods in this modern time.

What really does drive success in this business, is understanding how to sell the one thing that other distributors and people can’t copy and duplicate – YOU. Once you understand that this is the most powerful tool you have, then all you need to do is use a powerful platform like the Internet to market to the world.

Learning HOW to market yourself is also very important. And once you learn HOW to market, you can be successful in ANY MLM business opportunity. Even though Zrii is a quality product and business, success in this industry has very little to do with the actual product. It’s all about learning how to market yourself, learning to use powerful tools like the Internet to get your message out, and utilizing the most cutting edge marketing strategies to attract prospects towards your business opportunity.

If you want to learn exactly how to be successful in Zrii or any MLM company for that matter and really learn to become a marketer so that you can attract instead of chase, then put your name, email and phone number into the boxes below to start getting my step by step blueprint that I personally used to become a leader in my system and go full time into this business in just 3 short months.

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