Melaleuca Reviews – What It Takes To Be Really Successful!

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If you are looking for more information on the network marketing company Melaleuca, then you have come to the right place. In this article I will reveal how this company works and what you can expect from them as a business.

Also, if you do decide to join the network marketing industry, I will talk about some of the crucial components that go together to ensure that you can have a successful journey in this amazing industry.

Melaleuca is one of the oldies. They have been around for over 20 years and are a very solid network marketing company. They do not like to refer to themselves as a multi level marketing company, but if you look at their business model, it is very similar.

They allow members to purchase products at a 30-40% discount and members can generate extra income if they choose to, by referring people they know to the business so that they become customers as well.

They focus on green products that won’t harm the body and range from everything from candles, to soaps, to vitamins. The best thing is, their products are extremely high quality and they currently have over 400 different types of products in their range.

They have really tapped into a great market by being green especially with the state of health around the world right now. Their products don’t contain any formaldehyde, peroxide, ammonia or phosphates, so they are pretty amazing. However, they do come at a slight premium, but that’s expected from a high range of products such as these.

So,  if you are asking yourself whether Melaleuca is in fact a good company to join and whether their business model legit, then absolutely. They are a top notch network marketing company. You can decide to just consume their products, or you can decide to grow the business if you want.

If you do decide to grow the business however, there is a catch. Like most network marketing companies, Melaleuca is old school. What I mean by that, is they mostly train their “partners” to grow the business by shared experiences. So speaking to friends and family and spreading the word.

While this may be a good strategy at the beginning, it fizzles out very quickly as you start to run out of people to talk to. No sharing, no business. So if you are looking at this industry or Melaleuca specifically because you are really interested in generating an extra income that may eventually allow you to leave your day job so that you can have financial freedom, then there are a lot more things you need to put in place then just joining a good company.

You need to be part of the right team. You need to make sure you focus a lot of your time on learning how to market yourself and your business. You need to embrace modern forms of technology and seriously consider using the Internet to grow your business. Imagine what expanding your market to the rest of the world could do for your business. Now if you take these additional steps and marry that with a good business, then and only then will you have a successful career in network marketing.

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