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This Yoli review is going to open your eyes about this industry and just might save you a lot of heart ache. If you are reading this article right now, then you’re probably looking for more information on them. Whether you are already a distributor or are just doing some research, you have come to the right place.

Yoli is a new MLM company that is getting rave reviews right now. They just came out of prelaunch and have tons of orders for their product already. There are also a lot of people jumping ship from other companies and trying to move into this opportunity to “get in from the ground level”.

Now here’s the thing. Yoli is a good company and they do have a solid product line, but it’s still important to remember that this is the Network Marketing industry. And no matter how great an opportunity looks, it’s still very important to understand HOW to market that product.

There is no doubt that Yoli is a good company put together by a group of very smart people, however, they are and will always remain, a product company, NOT a marketing company. Therefore, in order to be successful in Yoli, you will need to learn how to market your business effectively. Something that is not taught in Yoli and other big MLM companies just like it.

The failure rate in the MLM industry is 97%. And if you do not want to be another statistic, there are certain things that you can put in place to ensure that you come out on top.

These are the things you need to significantly increase the chances of YOUR success in Yoli and ANY network marketing company out there.

1. Self Branding

If you want to have people calling you, instead of the other way round, this is the only way to market. Forget what you think you know about selling products. If you want to make the most out of your network marketing career, the only thing you will need to learn how to sell is YOU. This is a people business. People join other people, they don’t join companies. People need help and they want to follow a leader. That leader is YOU.

2. Leverage The Internet

Old school methods like talking to friends and family are possible but extremely difficult to get good results. The earlier you embrace the power of the Internet, the more likely you will get better results. The reach is incredible, and there are tools which are designed to leverage your time and reduce wastage. It is also the easiest way to truly have a worldwide business instead of just a local one.

3. Duplicate System

In order to streamline your processes, you will need to have some sort of marketing or lead generation system. You could learn everything and figure it out piece by piece and develop each process yourself which will take forever, or you can join a proven system that is already built and can do all this for you. The key is to have a system that teaches you how to market in all the different areas you want and gives you the tools to attract prospects to your business. This same system can then be used to train new distributors quickly and easily.

4. Multiple Streams Of Income

The problem with network marketing, is you only get paid if people join your business. This aspect of the business is the main reason why so many new distributors fail. Most people do not have enough money in the bank accounts to last that long. That is why you need to find a way to make money from most of the people that come through your business process, even if they don’t join your main MLM business.

5. Focus

The secret to success in this business is to focus on what you are doing and to not get distracted. There will be lots of different opportunities thrown your way throughout your journey, and my advice is to focus on what you are working on. How do you expect to be successful in 3 different opportunities, if you aren’t even successful in 1? When it comes to network marketing, spreading your bets between a few similar MLM companies is the worst thing you could do. Especially at the start of your career.

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