Project AWOL… Getting You Paid $$! [BONUS UPDATE]



Project AWOL is our personal mission to get normal people PAID through the Empower Network.

Update: 185,187 new members, $75.1 Million paid out in 100% commissions!

There is a reason why you are failing and I talk about that in great detail in my videos and the EXACT steps you need to take to do a FULL 180 Degree turn…


Wives are doing the happy dance, marketers are starting to believe again, it's happening folks.

What started as a noble way to help struggling marketers succeed online has erupted into something NO ONE could have predicted…

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Project AWOL – What is Next For You? 1. My Unique Selling Point is my Co-Op Team. My connections to people who are PURE internet marketers. If you want to leverage teams of people to work FOR you the ONLY way is to join me in my pursuit to move people forward. 2. Start working with your teams to STOP the bleeding. …


The Step By Step On How To Become A .Com Millionaire Today

Are you here because you are looking to cash in on the biggest money making industry right now? Are you looking on how to become a .com millionaire? Well… good news is, you are in the right place my friend. Because what I’m about to reveal to you over the next few paragraphs, is not some rehashed strategy or some pie in the sky idea. I’m about to reveal REAL strategic information that you can go away, take action on, and it will really teach you on how to become a .com millionaire.

Firstly, I want to congratulate you for taking this massive step into the 21st century. See, right now there are millions of people around the world that already know that the Internet is a goldmine just waiting to be tapped, but instead of doing something about it, they sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing. So just for having the balls and guts to research on the topic and to take action on how you can get closer to your ultimate goal – I applaud you.

How To Become A .Com Millionaire – Setting Your Expectations

In this section I want to quickly set your …


The Step By Step On How To Make Passive Income Today

Are you thinking how to make passive income? Well then, there is a chance that if you’re reading this article this very second, that you are someone who understands that there must be a way to create an income that keeps on paying you, whether it’s raining or shining outside. Whether you decide to put your tie on this morning, or whether you even decide to get out of bed. This type of income gets banked into your bank account on a daily basis and does not require you to work the traditional 9 to 5 for some douche that you hardly respect. Yes, what I’m talking about is how to make passive income. The very special type that not many folks even know exists. But you do, and I’m glad you’re here. Because over the next 2 minutes, I’m about to reveal to you the #1 way on how to make passive income.

How To Make Passive Income – Getting Your Mind Right

Now I’m not sure how you got to this page and how you even know passive income exists or is possible. But somehow, someway, you know, and you want to find out more. First thing …


Happy New Year!

Can you believe that an entire year has already passed?!

It’s insane how quickly time flies. First you think you have plenty of time to do something then whoooosh, the next thing you know you’re knocking a few drinks back at a New Years Eve party.

But first of all. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I hope you had a good year and you can look back say that you did everything that you set out to do.

It’s also a good (and important) time to look back and reflect on what is and what could have been.

Did you do everything you set out to do last year?

Did you take massive action and get yourself closer to the goals that you set yourself?

Did you structure a plan to help dig yourself out of that financial hole you buried yourself under?

I know I did.

Not the exact plan I originally had in mind. But you know what, it worked and I’m really fuckin happy about it. All I can say is that there is nothing more stressful than worrying about money. It’s a friggin pain in the ass! And I wouldn’t wish that …