The #1 Thing That Will Make You Money Online…

Alright, I wanted to write about this today because it really is a topic that people need in their business and life right now.

To be honest, it took me a long time to figure this out myself, because truthfully, it isn't something you will know unless you've earned your stripes online, or you've been taught, or you've made so many mistakes (like myself) that you finally realize what it really takes.

So… what is the number 1 thing that will make you money on the Internet?




Learning how to market like a PRO.

Yup… that's it. That's the answer. It's not sexy. It's not over the top. It's just plain simple – you need to become very good at promoting any type of business opportunity, service or product online.


So why do I say this?

Well if you think about it. This skill set is really the most sought after skill online. If you can get good at promoting ANYTHING, and getting it in front of people's faces, then you can create as may income streams online if you want because whatever you promote, it will sell. 

Even if you were promoting a crappy product… get enough traffic in front of it, and it will sell. I guarantee it!

(Of course you will want to get good at tweaking your offer so your conversions go up, but we can talk about this another time…)

Another thing to realize is that by becoming a very good marketer, it will allow you the flexibility to move to different products or services any time you want. And it won't blackmail you into being stuck with just ONE thing. 

If a business opportunity closes down, who cares, you can move to another one.

If a product is no longer HOT in the market because of outside factors, who cares, promote another product.

Get the idea?

So instead of chasing thousands of shiny balls around the Internet in your search to become a kagillionaire… just focus on ONE thing.


Whether it's by FB PPC, article marketing, solo advertising, PPV, CPA, blogging, Google adwords etc etc etc… It doesn't really matter. Just get GOOD at it, and the rest will fall into place.

Oh… and if you can just focus your time on marketing, and outsource EVERYTHING else, you will be waaaay more successful waaaay faster. That is another guarantee. ;)

(Again, we'll talk about that more later…)

- Aaron Chen



The Franchise Model VS “From-Scratch”…

So I had been doing tons of video's on this concept and I thought it would be beneficial to tons of people if I wrote about it on my blog.

So yeah… Franchise Model VERSUS "From Scratch". 

Which is better?

Well, let me ask you this…

If you wanted to start a coffee shop. What would you need to do?

A ton of research. Then you would need to figure out your whole concept. You would need to source all the machinery. The beans. Find staff. Train them. Teach them how to use all your products. Figure out how to use all your products. Come out with the marketing material. The promotional sales plan. The menu's. Your staff uniform. The recipes (if you serve food)… blah…blah…blah…

You get the idea. 

A shit load of stuff. 

Basically if you started a business "From-Scratch"… you would need to figure out EVERYTHING yourself.

Which takes time, money and resources. And the worst part is, the chances that your coffee shop (or business…) will fail, is extremely high. 


Because there are so many variables that you could totally fuck up.

… And hey, no insult to you. That's just the reality. Business is business. And it's HARD. It doesn't have feelings. It just eats people up and spits out the ones who don't have a flair for it.

Now take a Franchise Model like Starbucks on the other hand…. and it's a completely different story.

The brand is already there. They give you their uniforms. They give you all their equipment. They TEACH YOU how to use it properly. They introduce you to all their contacts and suppliers. They even approve the plot of land you're going to start your business on. 

It's fool prooooof. 

That's why Franchise businesses work so well and is the chosen business model for GINORMOUS franchises like McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and on and on and on…

Why a Franchise?

Because you don't need to figure out all the hard stuff. They've already figured it out for you.

You just need to buy in, and operate the place.

Plug and play!

It doesn't get easier than that.

Now, when you look at an online business. It's EXACTLY the same thing.

I would much rather get started with a Franchise Model. Learn to do the business. Be extremely successful at it. And eventually, if I want, go off and start my own business or create my own products.

… Because now I know how!

But the fact that I get to use someone else's business model (sales funnel + business), that is already proven to work, just makes SOOOOOO much sense.




Now I can see the attraction to creating everything on your own.

It's an EGO thing. YOU want to create your own success instead of leverage off others.


Ask yourself honestly…

Is starting a business about stroking your ego?


Is it about being successful and making money?

100% of you should say the later. Otherwise you're in business for the wrong reason and you will probably fail.

So, for those of you who see the value in a Franchise Model and want to be successful and copy exactly what I did when I kept failing and failing online… you can get access to that very same business by entering your email address below.

What's more important?

Making money, or your ego?

I know the answer to that question…

-Aaron Chen



How Badly Do You Want It?

There are a handful of videos that have really motivated me throughout my journey in the online world.

…And this one really paints a thousands words.

You need to sometimes stop and ask yourself the question, "How badly do you want it?"

Because if you only kinda want it, then I'm sorry. It's NOT enough.

Watch this video then decide if success is really for you.

Hey, don't worry… it's not for everyone. ;)



How The Internet Changed My Life…

I just got done recording some videos for marketing and I realized as I was doing them, that a lot of people don't really realize how powerful the Internet  is.

The reality is that most people think the Internet and having success with it, is only reserved for the super techy and naturally gifted people like the Google's and Yahoo's of the world. When the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

See, when I started my online journey 4.5 years ago, I realized that there were tons of ways to create a solid income online. Yes you "could" go down the Facebook route or develop applications that would eventually be successful and someone buys you out for 23 million dollars, but the truth is, that is very unlikely to happen. 

However, there are many ways to generate significant incomes online, and that is the point I'm trying to get at.

Sure, you may not be making millions a year, but how would an additional $3,000 per month or an additional $7,000 per month, change your life???

You don't have to answer that question because I already know the answer.

And it did mine. Seriously.

When you spend only an hour a day on your business and make more each month than your full time job pays, that to me is a tremendous skill set that should not be overlooked. And that's what I've been doing for the past year. 

… And I can tell you honestly, that I'm excited about the future.

And this is only the start.

The cool part about any online business is you can SCALE it up – BIG TIME.

That is one of the biggest down falls of a full time job. See no matter how skilled you are. You will still only earn what you get paid every single month. So even if you put in an additional 20 hours a week at the office, you would still only make what your salary pays.

That to me, just doesn't make sense.

Online, if I put additional systems in place, or crank up my marketing efforts so I get more visitors to my websites, that equates to an increase in my revenue and overall profit. Did I put in some additional time, sure. But the rewards in turn are tremendous!

And that, is the beauty of the Internet.

So… the point I'm trying to make in this post is that, you don't need to be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to get involved and make money online. You can be a normal guy or gal just like me, who wants a serious change in their life. And who may just want to get in on the most valuable skill set that will continue to become more and more valuable as time goes on. 

Get in on the action. Educate yourself on how to make the Internet work for you – at whatever capacity, and I promise, it will change your life forever!

-Aaron Chen