Project AWOL… Getting You Paid $$! [BONUS UPDATE]



Project AWOL is our personal mission to get normal people PAID through the Empower Network.

Update: 185,187 new members, $75.1 Million paid out in 100% commissions!

There is a reason why you are failing and I talk about that in great detail in my videos and the EXACT steps you need to take to do a FULL 180 Degree turn…


Wives are doing the happy dance, marketers are starting to believe again, it's happening folks.

What started as a noble way to help struggling marketers succeed online has erupted into something NO ONE could have predicted…

If you've been struggling to make money on the Internet - YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEOS!




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Project AWOL – What is Next For You? 1. My Unique Selling Point is my Co-Op Team. My connections to people who are PURE internet marketers. If you want to leverage teams of people to work FOR you the ONLY way is to join me in my pursuit to move people forward. 2. Start working with your teams to STOP the bleeding. Do NOT let your team leaders and to prospects to JOIN ANYONE but YOU. Don’t let them sign any papers! 3. Dive into the private group on what I thought would work to bridge people of different companies together. Network, mastermind and prosper!


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3 Bonuses YOU Get With Project AWOL (EXCLUSIVE To Aaron Chen)


BONUS #1: Our Training Academy ($497 Value)

Project AWOL Logo

If you work with ME directly and use only MY link, I will give you access to our special Team Project AWOL website. This is something that was created JUST for our teams and is really an ADD ON to your training inside of Empower Network.

Here's the key. We didn't have to do this. BUT, we wanted to give our team an edge that no other team could touch and teach you a focused strategy that would get YOU results quickly!

  • Access to live weekly training with our killer trainers Kam & Glenn who will get you pumped each week (also announce NEW killer "done for you" marketing)
  • Access to custom sales funnels that only YOU get to use just because you are apart of our team
  • All delivered in step by step "over the shoulder" video tutorials (so simple, even a 5th grader could follow along…)

Everyone outside our teams have been clawing tooth and nail to get into this site because they have to PAY. You get it for FREE.  

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BONUS #2: Professionally Designed Capture Pages ($297 Value)

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These are specially designed capture pages that convert like crazy!

So instead of having to figure out what works, just use our special capture pages and content to sell your Empower Network business for you. 

  • Simple as grabbing your own private link and sharing it with your audience
  • Reality TV style content that just converts like gang busters…


BONUS #3: PRIVATE Facebook Mastermind ($197 Value)

Poject AWOL Facebook Group


This Facebook group is where the magic happens. You will see all our members in here getting the best support available in any Empower Network team. Whether it is a question that you have, or a motivational push that you need, the WHOLE team congregates here and helps each other out.

This bonus is really priceless as a strong community is what makes or breaks your business success!

Ben Testimonial


$991 in Free Bonuses IF You ONLY Work With Me, Aaron Chen

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What Other People Have Said:

"Never have I seen a group that actually cares about their people as much as these guys. Imagine giving 100% commissions. I am getting about $450 per day in new referrals and added income. In less than 10 days I am already at about $2700 in monthly residual income + additional $500 one time sales. WOOHOO! And I have only blasted out an email about every other day to a pretty small group of people. I LOVE this System!"
- Ed P


"Been with Empower Network for 13 days and have made just shy of $10,000! I am PUMPED about what we are doing here in EN because I have also had so many people who have NEVER made money online, or in their Network Marketing Business, finally do it here. Now we can help build a person's posture, now we help people feel good about sponsoring into their primary business, and now we can truly EMPOWER people to live the life of their dreams! Thanks Dave and Dave, we love you for this!"
- Tracey W.


In my first 6 days with Empower Network I had already earned $1,050. I wish this system had been around when I first started online a few years ago.
- Carl W.


For years I had struggled to be in business for myself. Some of the businesses I started did just ok. More recently (in the past 1-1/2 yrs.) all I did was spend money and never made any money. Until now! Until Empower Network. Although right now I'm not slamming it, I made my first $100 commission in less than 24 hrs. I am not and will not get suckered into anything else. Empower Network is where it's at and where I'm staying
- Debra H.


$1,075 so far… $575 Residual. I've been involved in the industry six months, part-time. I built a 70+ person team in my primary opportunity… which pays me roughly $200/residual. In 11 days with Empower, I've almost tripled that.  This thing is amazing! Real money, real fast, with REAL Support from people who care.
- Tim B.


I joined the Empower Network 4 days ago. I made my first sale online sale today!  To say I am blown away would be an 'understatement'.  I wish this system was around when I first started online. It would have saved me years. Thank you."
- Dona D.


In only 5 days of work I got $3,318.67 deposited into my bank account, and then I took a week off to go cruising around the mountains… I love this stuff guys!
- Jordan S.


Does 100% Commission REALLY Matter – Can YOU Get Paid?

I've made just over $50,000.00 with Empower Network (at the time of writing this…). All this WITHOUT selling on the phone, hassling friends and family. This is PURE online leverage ;) This is what is possible in 9 months with a powerful system like this…  The image above is NOT a promise or a common thing… To comply to FTC regulations I just want to triple affirm that I worked my butt off and now I am reaping the benefits of a system that pays 100% back to the hard working reps.  You can be next… I can tell you one thing that is for sure though, we have helped more people make more money in the last few months than they have in their entire career online! This thing has gone viral. No joke. Marketers who had previously been struggling online for months and sometimes even years, are starting to see their hard work pay off! It's insane. Why? Because this system is simple. Focused. The sales funnel converts like a mad man. And you get paid instantly 100% commissions ;) Oh oh, and the best part is, you can promote ANY business you want. Enough said!

Total Earned Empower


$991 in Free Bonuses IF You ONLY Work With Me, Aaron Chen


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Who Project AWOL is NOT for:

  • Whiners. Complainers. Couch Potatoes. ME ME ME people. And everyone else who thinks the world revolves around them
  • People who want to treat me like Support Staff and feel the urge to call me every second because they don't know how to write a blog post (which is taught in the training center)
  • People who want to quit because their support email was not responded to within 1 hour!!
The ones with a bit more sense, will find this funny. But if you are the above type of person. Please leave this page NOW! Project Awol is NOT for you. I have toiled and put in too much time into my online business to deal with people who believe in fairy dust and magical green men.
Please understand that it's because I care and I want you to succeed in your business and life by standing up for yourself and putting in the work that's required to EARN success. You won't get it by being spoon fed and expecting baby treatment. Put in the work. Follow my training. Be resourceful. And you will earn everything you deserve.


Who Project AWOL IS for:

  • People that have been "trying" to market online but are STILL broke!
  • People that know it works, but can't seem to make a consistent income online and are sick and tired of watching all the "Guru's" make all the profits!
  • "Newbie's" who don't know who to listen to, who to trust, or what to try out first to make money online
Project Awol is designed specially FOR YOU! Hey, it took me friggin ages to figure out how to make consistent income online. It's not as simple as everyone makes it out to be. So let me show you how to do it step by step. That's what Project Awol was designed for.

  Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been struggling with online + share/tweet/digg this post if you think it'll help to benefit someone you know who is struggling. Let's work together to get you PAID! Time to get excited! Let's do this together, Aaron Chen

The #1 Thing That Will Make You Money Online…

Alright, I wanted to write about this today because it really is a topic that people need in their business and life right now.

To be honest, it took me a long time to figure this out myself, because truthfully, it isn't something you will know unless you've earned your stripes online, or you've been taught, or you've made so many mistakes (like myself) that you finally realize what it really takes.

So… what is the number 1 thing that will make you money on the Internet?




Learning how to market like a PRO.

Yup… that's it. That's the answer. It's not sexy. It's not over the top. It's just plain simple – you need to become very good at promoting any type of business opportunity, service or product online.


So why do I say this?

Well if you think about it. This skill set is really the most sought after skill online. If you can get good at promoting ANYTHING, and getting it in front of people's faces, then you can create as may income streams online if you want because whatever you promote, it will sell. 

Even if you were promoting a crappy product… get enough traffic in front of it, and it will sell. I guarantee it!

(Of course you will want to get good at tweaking your offer so your conversions go up, but we can talk about this another time…)

Another thing to realize is that by becoming a very good marketer, it will allow you the flexibility to move to different products or services any time you want. And it won't blackmail you into being stuck with just ONE thing. 

If a business opportunity closes down, who cares, you can move to another one.

If a product is no longer HOT in the market because of outside factors, who cares, promote another product.

Get the idea?

So instead of chasing thousands of shiny balls around the Internet in your search to become a kagillionaire… just focus on ONE thing.


Whether it's by FB PPC, article marketing, solo advertising, PPV, CPA, blogging, Google adwords etc etc etc… It doesn't really matter. Just get GOOD at it, and the rest will fall into place.

Oh… and if you can just focus your time on marketing, and outsource EVERYTHING else, you will be waaaay more successful waaaay faster. That is another guarantee. ;)

(Again, we'll talk about that more later…)

- Aaron Chen



The Franchise Model VS “From-Scratch”…

So I had been doing tons of video's on this concept and I thought it would be beneficial to tons of people if I wrote about it on my blog.

So yeah… Franchise Model VERSUS "From Scratch". 

Which is better?

Well, let me ask you this…

If you wanted to start a coffee shop. What would you need to do?

A ton of research. Then you would need to figure out your whole concept. You would need to source all the machinery. The beans. Find staff. Train them. Teach them how to use all your products. Figure out how to use all your products. Come out with the marketing material. The promotional sales plan. The menu's. Your staff uniform. The recipes (if you serve food)… blah…blah…blah…

You get the idea. 

A shit load of stuff. 

Basically if you started a business "From-Scratch"… you would need to figure out EVERYTHING yourself.

Which takes time, money and resources. And the worst part is, the chances that your coffee shop (or business…) will fail, is extremely high. 


Because there are so many variables that you could totally fuck up.

… And hey, no insult to you. That's just the reality. Business is business. And it's HARD. It doesn't have feelings. It just eats people up and spits out the ones who don't have a flair for it.

Now take a Franchise Model like Starbucks on the other hand…. and it's a completely different story.

The brand is already there. They give you their uniforms. They give you all their equipment. They TEACH YOU how to use it properly. They introduce you to all their contacts and suppliers. They even approve the plot of land you're going to start your business on. 

It's fool prooooof. 

That's why Franchise businesses work so well and is the chosen business model for GINORMOUS franchises like McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and on and on and on…

Why a Franchise?

Because you don't need to figure out all the hard stuff. They've already figured it out for you.

You just need to buy in, and operate the place.

Plug and play!

It doesn't get easier than that.

Now, when you look at an online business. It's EXACTLY the same thing.

I would much rather get started with a Franchise Model. Learn to do the business. Be extremely successful at it. And eventually, if I want, go off and start my own business or create my own products.

… Because now I know how!

But the fact that I get to use someone else's business model (sales funnel + business), that is already proven to work, just makes SOOOOOO much sense.




Now I can see the attraction to creating everything on your own.

It's an EGO thing. YOU want to create your own success instead of leverage off others.


Ask yourself honestly…

Is starting a business about stroking your ego?


Is it about being successful and making money?

100% of you should say the later. Otherwise you're in business for the wrong reason and you will probably fail.

So, for those of you who see the value in a Franchise Model and want to be successful and copy exactly what I did when I kept failing and failing online… you can get access to that very same business by entering your email address below.

What's more important?

Making money, or your ego?

I know the answer to that question…

-Aaron Chen



How Badly Do You Want It?

There are a handful of videos that have really motivated me throughout my journey in the online world.

…And this one really paints a thousands words.

You need to sometimes stop and ask yourself the question, "How badly do you want it?"

Because if you only kinda want it, then I'm sorry. It's NOT enough.

Watch this video then decide if success is really for you.

Hey, don't worry… it's not for everyone. ;)